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Wellcome, friends

We chose to offer сборник containing exercises and tests and their solutions which we offer in Pascal and C++, considering that these are the two languages that are most often studied at the Bulgarian school.

We offer over 1100 exercises. With a great desideration we started to solve them one by one in order to succeed in offering you solutions of over 600 different exercises in 18 divisions with two levels of difficulty and in two languages.

We are young people who live in a dynamic world - a world of high technologies and tensed life. It is clear for us that the modern society forces us to have a web-based education, which helps, eases and even replaces the traditional way of leading a class at school. That is why we offer you a system for solving exercises which you can use while preparing your classes.

Of course, it is difficult to count all the possible features of such system, the result of a few-month hard work. we hope that while working, every user will find more and more things that will satisfy his needs and will remain pleased after using our product.

That will mean that we have done our job very well.

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Successful start

Today, 01 December 2007, our portal is already online and ready to be used. Thanks to all classmates and teachers for priceless advices and being our beta testers. Good luck and we hope it is going to be useful for everyone!