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Учебник по C++ для начинающих

Программирование для всех

Справочник по функциям C/C++

Краткий справочник по процедурам и функциям Object Pascal

Справочник по функциям C++

Цв. Стоянов и др., Учебник по информатика за 9 клас (ПП), изд. „Архимед”

информатически портал, списание и онлайн библиотека с архив на много състезания

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Pascal technical information, tools, references, source code, internet links, and more

PASCAL LANGUAGE TUTORIAL- This tutorial teaches the entire Pascal programming language.

Pascal Language Reference - Provides reference material for the Pascal compiler, an implementation of the Pascal language that includes all the standard language elements and many extensions.

The First Steps in Pascal Programming - A website which is particularly designed to help you learn the pascal programming language very quickly and interactively!

Free Pascal FAQ

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C/C++ Reference

The Dev-C++ Resource Site - On this page you will API references, tutorials, online resources, documentation downloads, etc. about C/C++ and Win32 programming.

C++ Language Tutorial - The tutorial is oriented in a practical way, with working example programs in all sections to start practicing each lesson right away.

Online C++ Tutorial - This tutorial teaches the object model of programming.

C++ FAQ LITE - This is the list of frequently asked questions for the C++ language